Laboratory Automation Engineer

Company Name:
3 - 10 years experience developing applications software for laboratory and/or industrial automation
Working knowledge of pneumatic actuators, sensors, and servo-motors
Hands-on experience with industrial automation and/or robotics
Machine vision experience a plus
Experience with Java or another object-oriented language
Knowledge of Java-based frameworks a plus
Strong communication skills a must
substantial interaction with multifunctional product development teams required
Understanding of CSS styling and HTML5 a plus
JQuery and/or AJAX experience a plus
iOS development a plus
General knowledge of laboratory procedures in life sciences and diagnostic laboratories
BS Computer Science, Engineering or other relevant degree

The Laboratory Automation Engineer has experience developing applications for laboratory robot systems. This is a hands-on position working with robots and peripheral equipment from prototype to production. It requires substantial interaction with multifunctional product development teams.
Work with scientists to translate scientific protocol requirements into application software
Write application software for liquid-handling and instrument-tending laboratory robots
Work with Manufacturing Engineering to write bring-up, test and diagnostic software for production automation equipment
Design and develop application-specific user interfaces, including iOS-based web applications
Contribute to the development of core tools, in Java and other software environments, to simplify application programming
Work with Customer Care to help troubleshoot field service issues
Develop within an ISO 13485 Quality environment

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